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Our test laboratory

For our customers, we use our top-equipped test laboratory located in Kirchheim near Munich. Based on our 3D production drawings, we check every series delivery here.

Our test strategy

Prioritized are procedures that allow an automated documentation of the test setup, sequence and the measured values with the assignment to the characteristic number of the test drawing.

In the preparation of initial sample test reports, we are guided by international standards. Our initial samples are presented in the Leicher Engineering initial sample box.

Our test equipment

geometry check

3D scanner
3D image guided coordinate measuring machine
3D Profilometer
Contour measuring device including thread testing
height gauge
2.5D measurement projector
digital microscope
Automatic thread testing machine

physical testing

Tensile and compression testing machine
Hardness testers - Vickers and Brinell
Torque testing

chemical testing

Spectromaxx spectral analysis

Coating thickness tester X-Ray

salt spray chamber

Visual and functional testing

Special test equipment agreed with the customer

Functional tests with devices and form gauges


Unser integriertes Managementsystem ist nach folgenden internationalen Standards zertifiziert:

Resin Coated Sand products for casting process.jpg

Strong partners:
Our manufacturing plants

Our technicians audit every manufacturing plant regularly - on site and in the local language! In this process, we follow the PDCA cycle, in other words

plan-do-check-act. This is our way of creating trust.

We maintain long-term cooperation with our manufacturing plants. This is the only way we can ensure in the long term that our quality standard is actually lived within the whole supply chain.

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