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Our philosophy

Ecology and social responsibility are the basis for our economic success.
As a medium-sized family company, we rely on honest sustainability performances and report on them transparently.

A seedling growing on a pile of coins has a natural backdrop, blurry green, money-saving i


Sustainable continuation of our company

  • Long-term growth with acceptable risk

  • Transparent key figures in business intelligence and enterprise scorecard systems

  • Sustainability management as integral part of the strategy

  • Activities in the areas of sustainable finance and EU taxonomy


Positive contribution to the preservation of our liveable environment

  • Green IT on site with digital processes

  • Natural design of the open spaces to preserve the local variety of species and biodiversity

  • Cooperation with the local branch of the Bund Naturschutz

  • 120,000 honey bees on site

  • Quote of hybrid vehicles in the fleet > 60%

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hands holding and caring a young plant.jpg

Social responsibility

Responsibility for employees and other stakeholders

  • active health management with many benefits for employees

  • Crisis team since 2020 to deal with the Corona Pandemic

  • Dynamic workplace: Active Office workplaces

  • Flexible working hours and flexible holiday models

  • In-house bistro with breakfast and healthy lunch

  • Applicable code of conduct for employees and manufacturers



German Sustainability Code

Since 2016, we have been creating our sustanability report in accordance with the GRI standard for the German Sustainability Code. In our sustainability report, we provide information about our sustainability strategy and services every year.

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