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Spirit comes from people -
not by companies

We stand for the global supply of all industries with specific purchased parts made of metal and plastic. The special thing about it is: With the outstanding expertise in our supply chains, we ensure sustainable customer benefits in series production and assembly.

As an international industrial company, we have retained and developed many of the qualities of a medium-sized company culture over four generations. Responsibility, commitment and trust are actively practiced in all areas of the company today and are a foundation of our promise of quality to our valuable customers.

Essential elements are CIP and PDCA, but also the personal responsibility of our employees and the use of modern, proven processes (e.g. agile projects). We are convinced that our constant investment in quality is worthwhile.

In doing so, we build on our corporate strategy, which describes, among other things, our innovation forge with the qualified creation of drawings and our test laboratory with the reliable testing of components as core competencies and thus as our USPs.

We are proud of our company history and look forward to the future.


Franz Leicher bearb sep_.jpg

Founding of the company lock and safe factory Franz Lefter


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